SEONG-AN’s Rare Earth Metals Pass Quality Test, Setting the Stage for Mass Production

5 Jan 2024

Money Today 2023.09.20 17:48

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SEONG-AN Co., Ltd. announced it has passed the quality testing for its rare earth metal prototype, marking a significant milestone and establishing a solid foundation for forthcoming mass production.

On the 20th, SEONG-AN announced that the NdPr (Neodymium-Praseodymium) metal prototype produced at its factory in Vietnam was judged to have passed the delivery standards as a result of the component test.

SEONG-AN is conducting component testing of its own rare earth metal prototypes at four domestic and foreign metal analysis companies. Domestically, the analysis was entrusted to Han Chung RF and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), and overseas to Thermo in the U.S. and Ningbo in China.

According to the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis conducted in Chinese company Ningbo, the mass ratio of Neodymium in the prototype produced by SEONG-AN was 75.98% and praseodymium was 23.65%. All 12 element mass ratios, including Dysprosium (Dy) and Terbium (Tb), met the passing standards.

Currently, the industry mainly uses Chinese industrial standards, which are leading the global rare earth industry. In the absence of established international standards for rare earths, SEONG-AN's evaluation, reinforced by the successful passage of tests by a Chinese testing agency, underlines the quality competitiveness attained through this analysis.

A company official said, "Once the results from testing laboratories that are still in the process of analysis are collected, public confidence will increase further, speeding up mass production and sales." He added, "We plan to advance our business not only with rare earth metals, but also with rare earth permanent magnets with higher value."